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Sub-Zero Wolf

While other brands have become appliance generalists, Sub-Zero and Wolf have remained steadfast specialists: Sub-Zero in food preservation, Wolf in food preparation. By choosing to do one thing very well- and very beautifullythese corporate companions and kitchen soul mates become the homeowners' partners, creating moments worth savoring in the home.


In 1950 Scotsman reinvented ice with the introduction of an ice cube that was crystal clear, virtually free of the minerals that clouded ice until then. Slow melting, it was perfect for drinks. They have been reinventing ice ever since with innovations like Nugget Ice, which is preferred by customers and more profitable for operators.


Today ASKO design and manufacture premium Kitchen, Laundry, and Professional appliances. We are proud that our machines meet the highest demands on design, function, durability and environmental awareness.


The design of Faber range hoods uses the principle coined by the famous American architect Louis Henry Sullivan that, "form follows function". Design is important, but if a range hood does not work properly or provide adequate ventilation for your kitchen, then our customers would not be satisfied.

Independent Hoods

Architectural sophistication, uncompromising commitment to quality, and exquisite attention to detail are the hallmarks of Independent range hoods. Independent has earned its outstanding reputation for crafting custom range hoods. Their elegantly styled hoods incorporate the latest in design and detail.