Kitchen and Bath design is bit of an art and a science. With years of experience from our designers, we can assure to fit your space with the best style, color, and features on the market today. We provide our customers with a no pressure approach to designing their space.

We use 20-20 design software to create your project in the virtual world. We create 3D renderings to introduce options for the new space. Because we design and install our products, we understand the level of detail required to create your custom space. This also reduces the number of errors and speeds up the completion of your project.

The Design Process

Although all projects are unique, we are consistent in providing the best design for our customers. How does it work?

  1. Kitchen and Bath Design3D RenderingFinal DesignOur customer makes an appointment or stops by the showroom to view the products we offer. We give a basic overview of products and find out more about our customer's project, style, and lifestyle.
  2. One of our designers will then review the floor plans or visit the home to take site measurements. The budget, appliance choices, and "special" features are discussed and considered for the design.
  3. We work over the next week compiling all of the conversation into a basic floorplan. We then add in the trim, fixtures, and features. This allows us to create a three dimensional walk through of the space. 
  4. We invite our customer back to the showroom to present them with the design and answer any questions. 
  5. When our customer accepts the initial design and estimate, we will work with them to fine tune the design. Selecting cabinet door style, species, color, countertops, fixtures, and more. 
  6. The final site measurements are made and the orders are placed for the project.